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Crazy Skin to Baby Skin: Crazy Skin Lifting Mask Review + Giveaway

Crazy Skin



As I sit here writing this review, I have the Crazy Skin Lifting Mask on my face. Waiting for it to look gross and cracked. Wait, what? You see facial mask is one of my favorite skin treats. You name it, I’ve tried it! So it’s always exciting how brands will come up with new ways to present it, formula-wise and usage. A little spoiler: I had the most fun using this K-Beauty mask! Did I like the results though? Let’s get started!

Crazy Skin

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Crazy Skin Lifting Mask is a wash-off mask that, as per its claims, reduces the pores, lifts sagging skin and brightens the tone immediately after a single use. Watch the video to see the process! To put it in words: After cleansing your face, you simply put on the sheet mask like normal, avoiding the hairline and mouth area. Leave it on for 5-8 minutes and then remove.

Crazy Skin

This is where the fun part starts! Watch as the essence dries up and hardens until it visibly “cracks”. This would take around 15 minutes and you would kinda looked like an adorable grandma while at it. I felt like I was transported to 2058 when I first used this. Haha! At this point, the mask is really tight that you cannot even smile. It was a bit uncomfortable, but again it’s fun, so you would barely notice it. Skintertainment at its finest!

Crazy Skin

You will see the results as soon as you wash the mask off. As for me, my face already looked firmer right after and has a lovely glow too. It left me a little red on the side of my nose but it subsided quickly with no further irritation. Not sure how it works on dry skin, but my oily to combination skin felt rebooted upon removal. Don’t forget to apply the eye cream after, which is a lot for just the eyes so feel free to use it all over your face.

Crazy Skin

Overall, I love how my skin feels after the Crazy Skin Lifting Mask. I like the concept and its uniqueness from application to waiting to washing – basically the whole process! If your skin needs a quick fix the K-Beauty way, try this for only Php150. I heard it’s crazily trending in Korea and now I know why. I would totally use this the night before a big day!

Thanks to CNA Philippines, the team behind Crazy Skin Lifting Mask, I have 2 box sets to giveaway to my readers. Here are the mechanics:

Crazy Skin

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